How did this happen..

My husband and I sometimes reminisce about stuff that kids said or did and marvel at this reverse metamorphosis…a few that stand out:

Awwwwww that’s SO Cute:

  • S, age 3, on seeing my frenzied cleaning up of the house “Who is coming to our house, amma?”  (In my defense, I was pregnant with A, and had a wise-cracking 2 year old to deal with full time)
  • When I found S screaming and A pointing a Windex spray can at her in the bathroom after I had asked him to take her a toilet roll – they were about 4 and 2.  He thought Windex could clean anything and everything!
  • S,  age 3, practicing her reading skills at Olan Mills, reading the floor rug: “O-L-A-N–M-I-L-L-S…….CAR-PET.”
  • S, on her first encounter with a lizard in India, her eyes wide: “Is that a dinosaur?”
  • A, about 8 or 9, when he first heard about what a mammogram is, a look of sheer terror on his face: “Do men have pappograms?” (Wish they did 🙂

Not so cute:

  • When S diligently started tracking all the words my husband and I ‘mispronounced’ and kept the list for everyone to see on the kitchen bulletin board.  One column for amma and one for appa.  (proud to say mine was shorter to start with).

             Although, I have to admit this generated hours of entertainment for our guests and family bonding time for the kids on long car trips

Downright ugly:

  • When A created a linkedin ‘profile’ with all my information starting with the letter ‘P’ (so my name was Prilatha, my profession Project Panager, company P… Pistons, born in Pennai, etc.) and forgot to tell me about it
  • When S couldn’t take my nagging about being her friend on FB and created a FB entry and added ONLY me as a friend.  And thought her mother couldn’t figure it out.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kids are kids!
    Mar 31, 2010 @ 09:27:11

    It’s soo cute…I remember when Srini and I talked in Tamil when P was around “thinking” that she wouldn’t understand..and one day she turned around and said “you guys do realize I understand every single word you say..right!”…yup..that was a wake up call for sure! From time to time I compare my childhood with my daughter’s and it is soooooo different. Not because they were born here but it just the way they are..something has changed along the line…



  2. sandhya
    Apr 01, 2010 @ 20:11:50

    seriously you have to admit the linkedin thing was one of the funniest thing ad ever did



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