Chella kiligalaam palliyile…(Careful what you wish for, you might just get it!)

Just a clarification: the title of the post is a song from an old Tamil movie from the 60s, a lullaby.  Nothing to do with the English title.

Of late, I have been hanging with the young crowd – whether it was durng the preparation for the local fundraiser, or for the walkathon training.  I bravely signed up for a half marathon/walkathon to promote our local greenway trails.  (did I say signed up? coerced by peer pressure is more like it J does anyone do this voluntarily? )

 A group of Indian women have banded together to start training for this – most of them are younger moms, with kids who are still very young.  I’m amazed at how creative they are about childcare during training – a lot of support from their hubbies, a lot of determination to just do it.  But as we huff and puff towards our 13 mile goal, guess what dominates our conversation mostly? Kids!!

And I am one of the 2 moms in this group with grown up kids (well, semi-grown up – our kids are in college/high school and we don’t’ have to worry about who’s going to watch them, and feeding them etc.).  All the talk about kids, what they said today, what they did, their pranks, etc.  has been making me very nostalgic for my kids’ younger days.  I kept thinking how nice it’d be to have them go back to being younger for just a day!

Boy, did my wish come true!  It started with my daughter, the 18-year old, who’s home for the summer, feeling ‘icky’ a couple of days ago.  She had promised to walk with me, we got in the car and drove to the park.  My first clue should have been the sweater she wore in the 80+ weather.  She insisted she was not sick at all.  We parked, and she looked sheepishly at me, and said ‘can we turn around and go back please? I don’t feel very good’.  What am I going to do with this girl?

So we came back, and thus started  2 days of very high fever (105 – 106 range), my normally reasonable and well-behaved 18-year old regressing to a 2 year old’s mindset – heck, she didn’t even behave like a 2 year old when she was actually 2, refusing to admit she was sick, refusing to take her med or, insisting on taking it when she had no fever (she was preventing it!!),  making me ask the doctor what flavors the antibiotics comes in,  on the phone (um…yeah, she’s 18, but does the antibiotic come in syrup form? It does?  In banana flavor? Can she have it in strawberry flavor please? ) The doctor was kind and understood that her throat was very sore, and she couldn’t swallow pills, but still…

As if that wasn’t enough, we were setting the alarm at night for every 4 hours to check her temp, and Raj and I taking turns doing this, me going to work very cranky with barely 4 hours of sleep….that’s when it hit me, at 4 am in the morning, as I slowly picked my way thru the dark, with a thermometer and ibuprofen – ” you idiot, you wished for this!!  you were all nostalgic about the kids being babies, and all that – and you got your wish!! are you happy now?”

Moral of the story?  Careful what you wish for, you might just get it! 

She’s fine today and back to her normal self.  All’s well. Raj and I need a vacation, though!!

Their childhood is gone except in our memory. I have done my tour of duty there.   I will content myself with taking trips down that lane when I feel like it, and enjoy them in this stage of their lives—happy, independent, smart, funny, irreverent, and with a mind of their own.

Here’s the song, sung by T M S, for Sivaji – it’s a melodious lullaby:


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  1. vidhya
    Jun 16, 2010 @ 22:21:33

    hmmmm never heard of this song! good thing you posted it! I am sure you wished for a chubby,wide eyed,giggling 2yr old! just didn’t explain your wishes in detail…that’s all!Glad she is doing well!



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