Ah…that special homemade touch!

My son is home on his first visit after he started college.  As I usually do, I have been sending him multiple texts and calling him every day to ask what he would like me to make for him.  With my daughter I never had to guess – it was always ‘moar kozhambu, fried potato’ or ‘make me okra with rasam’.  But this one has a palate that is not just a gourmet one, but also has a wide range.  So here’s the list of food that he wanted me to make, for his first visit home:

Pesto pizza with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and broccoli



Hmm…not really my original recipes, nor all homemade!  Come on,  child, I thought – I need to feel like I’m giving you special food that only mom can give!  But he insisted that’s all he wanted.

I took some shortcuts with the pizza this time.  Bought dough from the local pizza joint, Al’s Pizza.

As for the pesto, I usually like my pesto the best, but have bought from an online supplier and have paid through the nose for a gourmet brand that I like after mine.  But this time,  Raj bought pesto from Costco – and turns out that this is the one Kirkland product that I actually like.  The big jar of pesto that Raj paid something like $6 tastes EXACTLY like the gourmet little jars which used to cost $7  per jar +shipping!   The big jar from Costco is easily equivalent to at least 4 or 5 of the little gourmet ones!  I love it!

The brownies were made from a Betty Crocker mix, but I had to leave out the syrup, and I don’t use eggs in them anyway.  He likes his brownies kinda crispy, with a tall cold glass of milk!

The puliyodarai has to be made with my homemade ‘puli kaachal’, but with added MTR mix (the powder, not the paste).  The MTR powder adds a sweet taste that he likes.

So while none of them are really my cooking, each of them is unique and he cannot get any of them the way I make them.  A little bit of mom’s cooking, with some store bought boxes and packets thrown in.

He gobbled up the pizza, and I think I will make another one tomorrow so he can take back some for his next week’s snack…. Ah…nothing to beat homemade magic!


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  1. Padma
    Oct 02, 2011 @ 00:12:38

    A doting mom indeed! Your sense of incompleteness is brought out well!



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