My beautfiful orchid

We  (my husband and I) recently built a house.  As happens when you have a new house and guests, we got a gift – a beautiful purple orchid.  Now, my history with orchids has been a tale fit to be on a show about unsolved murders.  And I have steadfastly stayed away from them for over 15 years, resisting all temptation to try “just one more time” not to kill one.  But this was a gift.  Maybe it’s a sign that someone up there thinks I am now mature enough to handle one.

So I took care of it.  Short of singing to it, I did everything else.  Interacted is the word I recently picked up from a local plant nerd.  Watered it when the soil looked dry, went very close to it and looked at it with tender love at least once a day.   This has been going on for about a month now and happily the orchid hasn’t died.   But as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end.  And my bubble, alas, burst yesterday.  For the first time yesterday,  I felt brave enough to touch the soil as I watered it one more time.  And thought, “hmm…that feels strange.  The soil doesn’t feel wet. It absorbs the water, but where does it go?”

And then the horrible thought flashed in my mind.  Could it be?  NOOOOO!!! I touched the flowers.  And the bud that looked like it’s never going to bloom. I just attributed it to the fact that orchids take a long time to bloom. Like months…right? And the blooms last forever.  And realized what my son had known at first sight.  Yep…I had finally done it.  I had been watering, caring for and talking to an orchid that is a member of the …artificial, silk plant family!!!

This was the second time as an adult I felt utterly foolish!  (I have had several such moments in my childhood, but I gave myself a break when I became an adult and reset the count to zero).  The first being when I  accidentally dropped the brand new ipod (one of the actually useful gifts from my hubby) attached to the headphones attached to my ears, while having a bath – enjoying some music – on the very first day I got it.  I never lived that one down with my coworkers, my husband and the kids.

But wait… if you thought this was the end of the story, you don’t know my marriage at all.   My son was harassing me about it last evening when my husband was eating his dinner.  And I said, “wait let’s ask Appa what he thought” and asked him cleverly, without clueing him in,  if he had ever watered the orchid.  And that sweet, equally foolish husband of mine didn’t disappoint me.  He sheepishly said “yes, I did this evening when I came in.  Why? Did you already do it?”

Ah…can you show me another couple who are totally made for each other?

Aside from all the joking, I also tried very hard to find a moral, a message in this story – because that’s what all Indians worth their salt do.  And I did.   Nurturing relationships that are fake and have no future with a lot of care and time is futile.  As I realized recently.   So there.  My PSA for the day.


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Indu
    Jun 26, 2012 @ 14:33:33

    Srilatha, wonderful. Enjoyed reading it. Keep them coming …



  2. Usha
    Jun 26, 2012 @ 18:15:58

    I enjoyed reading the blog. See you soon. Hope you are keeping dry.



  3. Latha Srini
    Jun 26, 2012 @ 19:07:33

    awesome… kuppara vizhunthaalum meesai le mannu ottakoodathu nu un kittendhu padichukanum 🙂 jokes apart great reading.



  4. Vijaya Ramaswami
    Jun 26, 2012 @ 20:54:27

    Raj, too! I wonder.



  5. taniasaid1
    Jul 02, 2012 @ 19:40:44

    I feel similarly about orchids, but I’m always hopeful I will not kill it next time.



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