What Mayan Calendar?

Now that the Mayan end of the world scenario has mostly been debunked, I suppose I really have to:

  1. Let the kids finish college (read: stop spending that tuition money on handbags and shoes)
  2. Unpack those boxes from the move from Indiana to Florida
  3. Stop thinking (and therefore eating) that piece of cake may be the last one I’ll get to eat.
  4. Finish that cross stitch that I started when pregnant with my first child, who just celebrated her 21st birthday last week (but first, do #2)
  5. Stop making bucket lists of lofty (read: unachievable) goals – mostly of visiting exotic places, writing the next great American novel and publishing it, winning the Nobel peace prize (or literature)

On the other hand, Boehner and Obama really have to figure out this fiscal cliff thing.

Would love to hear from my alert readers as to what they have been procrastinating on, in the hopes that the world will end on 12/21/12.

           To read more about the world not ending in 2012, click this.


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