How to watch a movie when you are middle-aged

It starts out pretty innocuously. You decide to go to dinner and a movie with friends. During dinner, you relax with a glass of wine and kind of start to settle in. Do we have to go to the movie, you wonder, but don’t want to be the first one to cop out. It’s cold. The restaurant is cozy and warm, the food good and the alcohol loosening you up. As the evening progresses, any pretense of having the energy to go out on a cold winter day vanishes. When your friend suggests that we just go to our respective homes and rent a movie, you joke about her getting old, but are secretly grateful and relieved! You come home. Your husband flips through the on-demand movie list. Nothing sounds as good as your pajamas, the warm bed and the book you started….and so ends the dinner-and-movie-with-friends night.  This is just the beginning, all you 40-somethings out there. Pretty soon it’ll become a mighty challenge to get a movie in. There’s a name for this. It’s called getting old.  And this condition only gets worse.

This is how a recent attempt of ours to watch a movie went. I had been lamenting that I haven’t watched a single movie nominated for the Oscars this year. So on Friday evening, well in advance, a few of us planned to go to dinner the following day, after an afternoon Tamil function, and then to “Argo”. Saturday evening came. We first tried a restaurant at 8 pm where the wait was 2 hours. The showtime was 10 pm. So we went to the only place that has no waiting on a Saturday night, an Indian restaurant. We were 4 couples and 3 children. The restaurant was only half full. By 9 pm, they hadn’t even taken our drink orders. The prospect of watching “Argo” was getting slimmer and slimmer, but secretly I was relieved. It had been a long day, after all. By the time we got the checks and the hot towels, it was 10:15 pm. We shook our heads with fake regret, and said “Oh well, we’ll just have to catch Argo another day.”

So we came home, and my son suggested that we rent it on cable. Dang it, it was available! We all got comfortable, and rented the movie. I would say I lasted maybe 10 minutes. My son later said I was talking in my sleep and calling him by my sister’s name. He also said I was very confused about simple scenes in the movie before I hit the snooze button. My husband lasted slightly longer than me. My son said he didn’t even realize dad had fallen asleep until he tried to make conversation.

So we tried again the following afternoon, after a good hearty lunch. No prizes for guessing who was asleep on the couch barely 15 minutes into the movie. I woke up and sheepishly promised my son, who was thoroughly disgusted with my sleep schedule, to watch it again that evening.  He had been forced to start and stop each time one of us fell. So that evening, early enough that I couldn’t positively have any excuses to sleep, we tried again. Dinner was done, dishes were done–that’s another complaint my kids have—if we start a movie during dinner, I make them stop the movie so we could clean up! And this time, no one slept. The movie was excellent!

And that’s what it took us to watch a 2 hour movie–3 tries, and about 3 hours. It was an excellent Oscar-award winning movie, yet! Nowadays, there’s a formula I strictly follow when it comes to watching movies:

  • It cannot be after 8 pm
  • It has to be after my afternoon nap on weekends
  • If it’s during dinner at home, everyone needs to understand that I will stop the movie to clean up

 Hey, we’re having a weekend movie marathon this coming Saturday at our home. Our goal is to watch 2 full movies over 16 hours. Anyone interested in joining us? Anyone?


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Stacy M.
    Mar 05, 2013 @ 17:07:10

    Hahahahahaha – you are SO describing me! And tell Ad to lighten up, one of these days HE’LL be this old! Thanks for the good laugh…as I’m sitting on my couch, at 5pm, in my jammies…I might make it to 8pm. Sadly, it IS Spring Break 😉



  2. ajanta
    Mar 05, 2013 @ 17:24:46

    oh I can sooo relate! Good writeup Sri.
    Forget movies..even dinner in a fancy restaurant sounds very cumbersome these days!
    Gautam and I went to downtown Carmel the other day.Plan was to look around visit a few of the local stores, go to eat at a fancy restaurant ..basically have a nice afternoon/evening. Around 5 Pm Gautam looks at me and asks. Do you really want to eat here? I was relieved..”no lets go and eat at the new place in Muncie” The wait in Muncie was some 45 minutes. He did not even have to ask..”lets go home and eat” By 7Pm we were on the couch in our jimmies with take out peace with our self and the world! Why bother?? I love my age



  3. sri
    Mar 05, 2013 @ 20:33:15

    I hear you, loud and clear, ladies. At least no need for a hearing aid. Yet.



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