Curd And Clovely: 50 Shades Of Brown

The emotions that ran through my mind when my kids shared this question they found on an Indian matrimonial site ranged from uncontrollable laughter to disgust to outrage to resignation.  

  1. It is the 21st century. Indians have come a long way from exchanging horoscopes through a marriage broker and are now using the latest technology  to perpetuate their unholy obsession with skin color. Way to go, desi brothers and sisters!
  2. Seriously, what is the obsession with foods starting with the letter C? 😉
  3. Curd as a skin color sounds disgusting – at least to me.  I am thinking of pasty white, curdled…But note it’s at the top of the spectrum in order of light to dark.
  4. So does cardamom, which I believe is green.
  5. What the hell is cereal as a skin color? Where does Fruit Loops figure in this?
  6. How would Krishna (as in the guy who gave us the Bhagvat Gita) rate his skin color? His bluish black is not even in this spice spectrum.
  7. Is there anyone who doesn’t recognize that this is the same old color scale presented as appealing food items? That pathetic footnote doesn’t fool anyone!
  8. Will this obsession ever end?
  9. Take that, Fair and Lovely! I look forward to new ad campaigns with innovative ways of saying “You want to get married/noticed/get a job? Use our product. Get white.”


Daughter of a woman who was marginalized by family all her married life for her “clove” complexion.


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