My Annoying Valentine

He annoys me (and the kids) with his bad jokes.

He cannot watch anything without rewinding frequently to catch something anyone missed – most of the time something trivial and makes no difference to the plot. We all groan when one of us says “what was that? I missed it” because that means the next 10 minutes would be this: he would stop, rewind, go back too much, then forward too much, you know the drill. All that to catch up from exactly where we left off.

He cannot sing. Period. But insists on it, especially when we are watching Super singer and I am really trying to be the armchair judge.

He praises my food all the time. He also praises really crappy food. Does the man really know good food vs. bad?

He doesn’t know to buy small quantities – of anything.  Coming home with a crate of a shampoo he is trying out is not unusual. A shopping list to him means “get started with this and keep going”.  I remember the early years of our marriage when I was still a bit polite about starting fights – he once came home with about 25 plants from a greenhouse – to our 2 bedroom apartment. And,  I had to literally take away the credit card from him when he used to watch the QVC channel.

We cannot watch a movie without rewinding multiple times through the credits – I know, this sounds like the same as #2, but stay with me – it’s a bit different. When a movie ends, I turn off the tv and go to bed – or continue to sleep, as the case may be. But Raj would scroll through the credits, rewinding back and forth to read every single name, may be do some google searches on something interesting (!) he found and insist on waking me up to tell me, especially if it’s a Hollywood movie and he spots desi names.

He has been known to get the most unromantic and most utilitarian gifts – read this for more insight.

He is quite the Miss Chatty Kathy when I’m winding down at night – I have my book, my music and am in the zombie zone – he is catching up on his Facebook feed or NewYork Times, and wants to read out everything he’s reading.

He insists on reading out all the signs during long interstate drives.

And the list goes on – of all the things he does just to annoy me. At least that’s my version.

And yet…

The other day we were talking about how I cannot stay under the same roof with anyone in my family for more than a few days without wanting to rip my hair (even better, theirs) out from the roots.  My family would totally agree this is mutual – (L)GVRJ speak up if you don’t. We all need a continent or two, and an ocean, between us to be a happy family.

And it hit me that he is the only one with whom I have never felt, in 24 years, that I cannot live with him in the same house one more day.

Happy belated anniversary, my love!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. teraj93
    Feb 16, 2014 @ 09:28:47

    just trying to be a normal husband…:)



  2. R from LGVRJ
    Feb 16, 2014 @ 11:17:09

    Athimber, idhu thevaiyaa ungalukku…public humilaition-naa idhu?



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