An Ode To Siblings

On Siblings Day (+1) , here’s my ode to my sisters and friends who are my siblings by choice!


She’s the one who understands why you laugh uncontrollably sometimes at something that’s really not funny to anyone else

The one you don’t speak to for months over a silly argument, and are giving the silent treatment, but then when you do break your silence and call her in your moment of need, will not only pick up the phone, but will make you feel better, and lift you up – no questions asked!

( Although, in my case, most of the time, the receiver of this treatment is usually clueless – prompting my daughter to roll her eyes and say: Does Chithi know you’re not speaking to her?)

The one who has gone through the special hell  that was childhood, with you, and continues to travel with you as you collectively heal, supporting each other and understanding you as no one else on this planet does

The one who forgives you for not calling her on birthdays and anniversaries

The one who accompanies you on your manic shopping trips when you visit home, as you puke your way through the crowds, rain, sweaty people, in a hot car driven by someone who has never heard of deodorant

The one who tells your children your childhood stories

The one with whom you have a running dispute about who taught your son to ride the bicycle

The one, when you were growing up, with whom you actually signed a contract on clothes-sharing-policy, but who generously offers you your favorite saree of hers (lends you!) because she wanted to do something special for you

The one who, even though you never remember her children’s birthdays, consistently sends a check to all her nephews and nieces, on their birthdays every year

The one with whom you anguish over the meaning of life – endlessly, repeatedly – even though you never find the answers

The one who adopted you and your family as her own in the strange new place you set out to build your nest, the one whose kitchen becomes as familiar to you as your own mother’s

The one you call when you need a shopping buddy

The one you call when you just need a laugh, or bitch about anyone, anything, no holds barred – she will not judge you

The one who calls you when you need her, just to check on you

And the many others who lend their ears, their shoulders and their hearts – many many times!

To all of you!

You guys make me better!






4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Indu
    Aug 04, 2014 @ 12:57:01

    Beautiful, Srilatha. Makes those of sister-less wish for one ….



  2. sri
    Aug 06, 2014 @ 18:59:08

    Indu, I consider you one 🙂



  3. Kannan
    Jan 07, 2015 @ 23:00:05

    Brilliantly written Latha. Enjoyed it very much.



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