For My Kannamma

Happy birthday to my little girl – you gave me the most meaningful role in my life first, by choosing me as your mom.

I fell completely in love with you from the minute I saw your tiny silhouette in the ultrasound.

You amazed me the first time you called me “amma” –you were barely 9 months old, and imitating your cousins, but I knew you meant it.

With the way you recognized my touch, and my voice when you were barely 2 weeks old.

With the way you would pick out my shoes in a gathering of 10+ women and bring them to me when we were ready to leave. You were barely a year old!

When you smiled for the first time, like clockwork—you were 30 days old. We were giving you a bath.

And the compassion and the sensitivity that was beyond your 18 months, when we were in a car wreck, and you tried to console me!

With your uncanny, and slightly spooky ability to exactly say what I was thinking when you were 3 years old.

With your slightly crazy sense of humor.

With your hard work and dedication to anything you commit to.

With your determination and passion in your chosen line of helping autistic kids.

With your sharp mind, and the intellect that goes with it.

With your insanely strong hands!

With the love and bonding you have with Kashew, and the way you are raising him—someday, when you choose to have kids, I know you’ll make a fantastic mom!

Thank you, my baby, for letting me make all my first mistakes as a mom with you, and still loving me.

But, above all, for turning out to be a beautiful, kind and gentle human being!

Love you (and your brother) more than anything or anyone else in this world—even though you both think I love Kashew more than you two!

Happy birthday, kannamma! May all your dreams come true!



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