Stuff Raj Says…

Me (last night, whining): I have absolutely NOTHING to read! Running out of stuff to READ!

Raj: Have you finished reading the internet?


Curse or Blessing?

During a spring fundraiser for the Hindu temple in Jacksonville, it poured! Poured like the world was going to end. All the stalls of India were inside a canvas tent, outdoors. The bizarre thing was, the rain water soaked pretty much every inch of the ground except for the Tamil Nadu  stall. Literally. Every other state stall–Karnataka, Kerala, Gujarat, Bengal, Punjab, Andhra–were saturated. Except for the tiny rectangle that was the TamilNadu stall. I would say it was a tiny miracle as we stood completely dry amidst soaking people and muddy ground.

Raj: “Of course we won’t get rained on even when every inch around us is saturated. It’s the curse of TamilNadu.”

I guess we Tamils stand a survivor’s chance during the pralayam! I can just see it now– two lone Tamilians on Noah’s Ark.


Totally Random Post

2000 hits on my blog as of today – 10/13! yay…

Watching a little bit of the Chilean miners being lifted out of the mine they’ve been stuck in for 60+ days – first question pops into my head is: What did they eat?  Caroline, my cleaning lady, who was watching it with me, told me they survived on 2 teaspoons of tuna, a cracker and sips of water every 8 hours for the first 17 days, and after that they were sent food.  They looked fresh, shaven, clean as they came out. 

Naturally, my next question: What did they do for a toilet? Caroline was stumped – didn’t know. 

I always wonder if I would turn into a carnivore if I were stranded in a desert with only meat to eat, or in a boat with a tiger, hyena and a zebra (…a la Life of Pi).   Would survival trump lifelong vegetarianism?

Started a new book ‘The Little Bee’ by Chris Cleave.  Rave reviews on, my friend who lent it to me is undecided as to whether she likes it or not.  The story is pretty intense, and I love the style of writing.  Reminds me  a little of Arundathi Roy and David Sedaris.  Sad without being ‘in your face’ melodramatic.   Still haven’t reached the ‘beach incident’ which all the reviews are talking about, supposedly a horrific one.  Am a little bit scared to read it.  As I get older, having less and less tolerance for disturbing things.

Watched ‘The Social Network’ over the weekend with Raj.  (well I did warn you…this is a random post…my thoughts jumping all over the place).  Great movie, fantastic writing!  After reading the reviews, was expecting to really hate Mark Zuckerberg, founder/CEO of facebook.  And did hate him for some part of the movie, but at the end, found myself almost empathizing with him, and feeling sorry for him.

Jesse Eisenberg who plays Mark Zuckerberg, epitomizes the essential geek.  Great casting! Aaron Sorkin’s screenplay rocks!  Adapted from Ben Mezrich’s 2009 nonfiction book ‘The Accidental Billionaires’.  More info here.

The last scene was quite painful to watch where he keeps refreshing his facebook screen after sending a friend request to his ex.  Made me think we’ve all been there (desperate and lonely) at some point in our lives, in some way, shape or form – maybe not necessarily on facebook.   The movie is a fictionalized account of the creation of facebook, and its founders and has made a lot of assumptions.  But to think the guy who created a world of 500 million friends could be lonely, and not have a single friend…

On a related note, read somewhere that in this internet age, when we think of a person, we think in terms of ‘packets of data’ rather than visual, physical image (“x is tall, dark and handsome”).  Instead, what may come to one’s mind may be something like ‘relationship status: single,  likes seafood, 102 friends”.  Isn’t that curious?

Done with my rambling….back to my book.