Another Post On Raj

Everyone who knows me well knows I like lists. So here goes a list of my favorite things about the most important person in my life, on his birthday. The list kept growing, and I had to cut it short to make sure someone’s head doesn’t 😉 just kidding, darling!

Top Reasons Why I Love Raj

  • I love that you have a sense of humor and can take the constant ragging by me and the kids.
  • Also love that you don’t give up on making corny jokes despite all the groaning. And the bad singing. Although have to say, the jokes are starting to grow on us!
  • Love that you are there for me through all my drama ventures like a rock and I can always count on your unwavering, loving, kind support, guidance, and your willingness to roll up your sleeves and help me with whatever I need, no questions asked, no judgment passed, just pure unconditional love
  • Love that you get me flowers when you know I’m upset – no words needed
  • For being the best father for our children, for providing them with the best opportunities
  • For being a nerd, and for making a lot of our vacations partly museum forays which the kids appreciate now, for nurturing open discussions on any topic at the dinner table
  • For taking a genuine personal interest in pretty much everyone you meet and not in a calculating, “what can I get from this relationship” way; especially people who worked for/with you, and caring deeply about their families, and their troubles
  • For being such a kid magnet, and the way you just adore and play with little kids and babies; at your age, it must be exhausting 🙂
  • For being an inspiration and a role model to me and the kids to be better human beings
  • I feel incredibly fortunate that in all our disagreements over 27 years, you have never once made me feel small or humiliated, and have always made it safe for us to have open discussions on anything and everything
  • I love that after 26 years, you still say thank you when I make a really good meal! Or just a good cup of ginger tea.
    • Corollary: In the early days of our marriage, when I was a newly-let-loose-in-the-kitchen-bride, and didn’t know how to make that most basic food of south Indians namely rice, or couldn’t tell the difference between toor dhal and channa dhal, you never complained and ate anything I made (not that you had a choice) – be it the rasam which was basically tamarind water with chili powder, or the burnt offerings I put on the table fairly regularly. In fact, you started to prefer the burnt toast, curries, dosai, and anything else I could burn.

Your tolerance allowed me to grow into the decent cook I am now!

  • Also: Did I mention you are mature, drama-free, have absolutely no ego issues, non-reactionary, read manuals and follow instructions, make coffee in the mornings, take my car for oil changes and maintenance when that orange light comes on (I still don’t know what that means), didn’t yell at me when I flooded the car’s engine driving in the rain with the window down (it was raining heavily, and come on, I couldn’t see), or dropped the brand new ipod you got me for my birthday in the tub the very first day, secure enough to sometimes watch the Real housewives with me and actually get involved in the stories, planted a whole row of lavenders because you know I love lavender (and I may have demanded it), and…you do so much more that I cannot list everything!
  • In general, you treat me like a queen, even when I don’t feel like one or deserve to be treated as one

Finally, I love that you are you –  kind, funny, and intelligent. Core values that we share.

I pray that our children are as fortunate as me; and they find/have someone just like you in their lives.

May all your dreams come true – every book read, every project finished, and every place you want to travel to, traveled.

Happy birthday, my Rasa!






Life without a blackberry…Day 2

Today was officially the 2nd day of my life as an unemployed citizen of the world.   No blackberry, no carrying around 2 cell phones, no deluge of emails.  

My dear husband was worried I would become a total bum, and made sure to make appointments for the furnace guy and the water filter guy to show up at 8:30.  SO  set the alarm for 6 am, but then slept till 7:30.

8:00 Had my morning cup of coffee with some left over rava idlis.  Checked my personal email, facebook, blog and had spent all of 30 minutes. 

Starting to get a little worried how I was going to spend the rest of the day.  Oh and by the way, also cleaned up kitchen, loaded the dishwasher, all before 9 am.  

8:30 am – furnace guys show up.  Started reading the book ‘Panch Kanya : The 5 virgins of the Indian epics’ that is basically a dissection of the 5 most courageous women of Indian epics – Ahalya, Tara (Sugriva/Vaali’s wife), Mandodari, Kunti and Draupadi.  Totally fascinating!

10:30 – water filter guy shows up.

11:00 – Drag myself away from the book, and go to doctor’s appointment to get a bothersome shoulder/neck pain that I had been ignoring for weeks, checked out. 

12:30 – see the doctor after an hour and a half, book about half-finished – read about Tara, Mandodari and Kunti all waiting at the doctor’s office.

12:45 – home from the appointment, quick lunch of left overs, and off to Panera to meet 2 friends for coffee, and go on to watch M Night Shyamalan’s latest thriller ‘Devil’.

2:50 – realized we’d been so engrossed in talking, we missed the movie!  Continue to pour our hearts out on life, middle age, the much maligned and cliched ‘mid-life crisis’, letting go of kids, learning to live lives brand new with husbands of 20 + years with the kids for the most part gone, book club, movies, …..

5:00 – come home after planning to go watch the movie friday night with the husbands!

Verdict on life w/o blackberry? May be too soon, but I think I am going to like this!!