One down, 31 more to go…

Going through a severe writer’s block, rummaging online for interesting ideas and came across this on hubby’s facebook.  Loved it, and asked if I could post it.  Based on responses, he might start contributing regularly to my blog.

As expected both kids had something to say about it.  Son apparently begged him not to even post it on FB.  Daughter thinks it’s too long for a status.  Whatever.

Here it goes…

1 tooth.
Got infected. Pain.
3 root canals. Less pain.
Re-infected. More pain.

Tooth extracted. Agony!
Percocet. Loopy happiness.
Looking down Grand Canyon with the Colorado river (stitches) snaking at the bottom. Dizzy.
Perocet wears off. Ready to kill.
Ice, Ice, Baby! Numb.
Eating soft foods. Peek into the future.
Cant open mouth and talk much. Heaven.
Looking like a chipmunk. Priceless!