One down, 31 more to go…

Going through a severe writer’s block, rummaging online for interesting ideas and came across this on hubby’s facebook.  Loved it, and asked if I could post it.  Based on responses, he might start contributing regularly to my blog.

As expected both kids had something to say about it.  Son apparently begged him not to even post it on FB.  Daughter thinks it’s too long for a status.  Whatever.

Here it goes…

1 tooth.
Got infected. Pain.
3 root canals. Less pain.
Re-infected. More pain.

Tooth extracted. Agony!
Percocet. Loopy happiness.
Looking down Grand Canyon with the Colorado river (stitches) snaking at the bottom. Dizzy.
Perocet wears off. Ready to kill.
Ice, Ice, Baby! Numb.
Eating soft foods. Peek into the future.
Cant open mouth and talk much. Heaven.
Looking like a chipmunk. Priceless!


Tiger, Church and Scrabble: Rants and Musings..

I have to warn – there’s going to be some ranting in this entry.  So if you’re not in the mood to be at least mildly outraged, skip to the bottom…

For someone who hasn’t been paying too much attention to what’s going on in the world other than my family, work and friends, I was more than irritated this week by a few news items that I couldn’t avoid – unless I was hiding under a rock. 

In no particular order, here they are:

Tiger Woods – Golfer, not God:

Leave the man alone –  he just plays the game of golf really well.  That doesn’t automatically make him a saint.  Golf is apparently not about character.  It is JUST A GAME!   It irritates me to no end when all these sports and other public figures who are simply good at what they do,  are elevated to heights  that they’re not able to live up to by the adoring public.   Who then get outraged at the apparent falling down .   Seriously people – enjoy the golf, leave the personal life alone. 

This is my theory: if all the adulation hadn’t gone to his head, he probably wouldn’t have done what he did.  It was all a power trip.  Stop the madness, and just enjoy the game.  Don’t elevate a sports star to God status and then act outraged when he doesn’t live up to it.

Nike’s ridiculous ad this week had me scratching my head.  Is there anything that this country will not commercialize?  Here’s the ad played ad nausuem – of Tiger’s late father Earl Woods scolding him., i

(BTW, there were so many parodies on YouTube on this I had trouble finding the original Earl Woods one.)

And of course, left themselves open for all kinds of mockery on the latenight circuit and YouTube:

The Catholic Church: Boy oh boy….(no pun intended):

For those who are living under a rock, the gory details can be found all over the internet.   In essence, the church has been molesting boys – which had been brought to the attention of the higher ups – including the Vatican who all had turned a blind eye and let it continue unchecked, unpunished and unstopped.

Read Maureen Dowd’s excellent commentary in the New York Times here.

Again, it boils down to too much power in the hands of the wrong people.   This one seems to be a universal sickness – I am thinking of the Sankara mutt controversy, Nityananda and countless others. 

Leave the children alone! Don’t take their innocence and their lives away from them!

Can you spell OUTRAGE? (aka Scrabble for Dummies)

 My last irritant last week was this news item on the BBC news site.   This one is serious guys!  And has the potential to affect all of us, lovers of that classic game Scrabble personally!  Mattel is introducing a new version of the game that will change the rules of the game to allow proper nouns.  What?  And totally dumb it down?  Where’s the creativity in that? 

What will they do next?  This is the culinary equivalent of changing apple pie recipe to allow bananas.  Adding garlic to Parthasarathy kovil puliyodarai.   Thayir saadham with a side of paayasam.  Some things are best left alone.   Don’t fix it – it ain’t broken!

The good news is it’s only going to ruin the gaming lives of the Brits – who cares about them anyway ;).  Not North America or Canada.  So we’re safe now.  I will refuse to play with the new rules if it ever comes out here.

On a happy note….

And lastly, spent a fabulous evening with some friends last night.  A few friends are planning to meet once a month and just jam!  Priti, your dad has a soulful voice.  Super talented!  Loved, loved, loved his singing!  All that was missing was a harmonium!

That’s all for now, folks….happy Sunday!