Things you should never do when hungry

What I intended to buy:

Spinach for our enchilada dinner

What I found in my grocery bag when I came home – I have no idea how they got in there!

Bad Food!

Moral of the story:  Never, ever shop on an empty stomach!


Ah…that special homemade touch!

My son is home on his first visit after he started college.  As I usually do, I have been sending him multiple texts and calling him every day to ask what he would like me to make for him.  With my daughter I never had to guess – it was always ‘moar kozhambu, fried potato’ or ‘make me okra with rasam’.  But this one has a palate that is not just a gourmet one, but also has a wide range.  So here’s the list of food that he wanted me to make, for his first visit home:

Pesto pizza with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and broccoli



Hmm…not really my original recipes, nor all homemade!  Come on,  child, I thought – I need to feel like I’m giving you special food that only mom can give!  But he insisted that’s all he wanted.

I took some shortcuts with the pizza this time.  Bought dough from the local pizza joint, Al’s Pizza.

As for the pesto, I usually like my pesto the best, but have bought from an online supplier and have paid through the nose for a gourmet brand that I like after mine.  But this time,  Raj bought pesto from Costco – and turns out that this is the one Kirkland product that I actually like.  The big jar of pesto that Raj paid something like $6 tastes EXACTLY like the gourmet little jars which used to cost $7  per jar +shipping!   The big jar from Costco is easily equivalent to at least 4 or 5 of the little gourmet ones!  I love it!

The brownies were made from a Betty Crocker mix, but I had to leave out the syrup, and I don’t use eggs in them anyway.  He likes his brownies kinda crispy, with a tall cold glass of milk!

The puliyodarai has to be made with my homemade ‘puli kaachal’, but with added MTR mix (the powder, not the paste).  The MTR powder adds a sweet taste that he likes.

So while none of them are really my cooking, each of them is unique and he cannot get any of them the way I make them.  A little bit of mom’s cooking, with some store bought boxes and packets thrown in.

He gobbled up the pizza, and I think I will make another one tomorrow so he can take back some for his next week’s snack…. Ah…nothing to beat homemade magic!

Choked up about okra

The following text exchange that Aditya shared with me made me burst with happiness and sadness at the same time

Ad: Guess what amma made today for lunch – sambar, rasam, cheppankizhangu curry and okra

Sandhya: I hate you!

Sandhya (2 secs later): Send me a picture.

A little background – Sandhya is my 18 year old in college 2nd year and missing home and home-cooked food.  They both love love love okra – all those years of brainwashing them into eating okra because it’ll make them math geniuses has paid off.

[No they’re not math geniuses – they both just love okra :)]